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Article Title Article Post Date
Biosimilar Substitutions December, 11th 2013
Chicago City Council Teen Tanning Restriction June, 5th 2012
Chicago City Council bans tanning beds for minors June, 7th 2012
Congress Passes Two-Month SGR Fix January, 9th 2012
Democratic Members Urge FDA to Act on Tanning Salon Dangers February, 29th 2012
DNA Members Support Montana House Bill 456 March, 5th 2013
DNA Supports Alopecia Areata November, 5th 2012
Improving the Health of America: HR 3679- National Nurse Act of 2011 Introduced in Congress January, 13th 2012
IL Indoor Tanning Coalition Update March, 27th 2013
Illinois Indoor Tanning Coalition Action Update January, 15th 2013
Indoor Tanning
Maine Tanning Legislation Update April, 15th 2013
New Salon Group Targets Tanning ‘Myths’ January, 7th 2013
NJ Approves Tanning Ban March, 26th 2013
NJ Senate advances bill to limit teen use of tanning salons February, 8th 2013
Nursing Community’s Recommendations: Priorities for Nursing’s Future April, 27th 2011
NY Signs Under 17 Indoor Tanning Ban Legislation July, 27th 2012
Preventing Skin Cancer through UV Exposure Reduction August, 21st 2012
Prevention and Early Detection of Skin Cancer
Reclassification of Ultraviolet Lamps for Tanning June, 5th 2013
Tanning Bans vs. Personal Freedom? July, 26th 2012
Tanning Bed Cancer Control Act of 2011, HR 1676 March, 1st 2012
Tanning Legislation: 10 down, 40 to go! July, 21st 2014
Tanning Legislation: 3 Down, 47 To Go June, 5th 2013
Tanning Transparency & Notification Act of 2012 May, 11th 2012
The Evolving Healthcare Landscape Article February, 29th 2012
The Nurse’s Role in Laser Procedures
The Nurse’s Role in the Provision of Cosmetic Services
The Nurse’s Role in the Use of Laser, Light, and Energy Emitting Devices
Turn up the heat to help turn off the (tanning) lamp! July, 23rd 2013
Update on Federal Tanning Legislation May, 1st 2012
Vermont State Tanning Legislation Update June, 5th 2012