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Board of Directors Calendar

AAD/Denver, CO March 20-24th
CSD/Denver, CO March 22nd 10am-3pm
NIWI/Washington, DC March 23rd-25th

April 2020
NCSCP/Washington, DC April 7th

May 2020
SIDS/Scottsdale, AZ May 13th -16th (exhibit times TBD)
AAD Capitol Hill Skin Screening/Washington, DC (TBD)

June 2020
ANA OA/Washington, DC June 18th – 20th
Maui Derm/Colorado Springs, CO June 24th – 27th

August 2020
NALA/ Lousville, KY (If member of NOA) August 29-30th

September 2020
AADA Legislative Conference/Washington, DC September 13th – 15th
Maui Derm/ Nashville, TN September 29th – October 1st

November 2020
ANA OA November 19th TBD
NOA Fall Summit/ Des Moines, IA (If member of NOA) November 19-21st

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