Awards, Grants and Scholarships are given annually to deserving DNA members. Recipients and the Award Sponsors are recognized publicly at the annual DNA Awards Business Meeting held at the annual convention, on the DNA Website, and in our FOCUS newsletter. Here are some thoughts from previous recipients on being recognized:

“I was very humbled to receive the Galderma Career Mobility Scholarship this year at the Annual DNA Convention. Being selected for a scholarship is truly an inspiring feeling. It increases one’s sense of personal accomplishment, and assists moving people even closer to the end of a long and often challenging educational journey.”

“I am so thankful to the DNA for the funds I have received to help me with my education. I received this scholarship award not on my own. I received this award because I have had so much guidance, so much mentoring, so much reassurance and support. These priceless life and career gifts I have received because the DNA has created outstanding mentors and leaders.”

“The New Nurse Educational Scholarship completely covered the cost of my first semester in nursing school and will contribute to the cost of my second semester. Receiving this gift allowed me to work between 20-25 hours a week instead of 40 hours a week, which allowed me to focus primarily on my class work. As I write this letter, I am one semester closer to achieving my dreams. Thank you DNA.”

“When I found I had been nominated for Stiefel Labs Associate member award, I felt honored. It seemed all my hard work and effort had paid off. Later on, it was a dream come true to find out I had won it. I would like to take this opportunity to express how appreciated I feel by my physician, Practice Manager, patients, and DNA. It is my honor and privilege to be a member.”

“This year, I was fortunate to receive the Nurse in Washington Internship (NIWI) Grant. I would like to thank Ortho Dermatologics for providing this Grant for DNA members. I encourage all DNA members to take the step and learn about the role they can play in changing health care policy and what we as nurses have to offer as advocates. Perhaps you can be next year’s NIWI Scholarship recipient and embark on a new adventure.”

“Receiving the Ortho Dermatologics Outstanding Community Service Award was definitely heartfelt. I really enjoy working and being a part of the dermatology community. The DNA offers opportunities at many levels to advance your knowledge in selected courses of study. The DNA allows me to experience things I would not normally get to experience, and for this I am grateful. Thank you DNA for the experience!”