NP Scope and Standards

Scope of Practice for Dermatology Nurse Practitioners

  • The Dermatology Nurse Practitioner (NP) assesses, diagnoses, treats, and manages acute, episodic and chronic dermatology illnesses.
  • The Dermatology NP orders, and interprets diagnostic and laboratory tests, prescribes pharmacological agents and non-pharmacologic therapies related to dermatological concerns of patients, as well as teaches and counsels patients about their dermatological conditions.
  • The Dermatology NP refers patients to specialists as needed to ensure patients receive comprehensive dermatological care.
  • The Dermatology NP serves in a variety of roles: patient care provider, mentor, educator and researcher.
  • The Dermatology NP works collaboratively with physicians, and other members of the health care team in providing comprehensive dermatology care to patients.

Standards of Care for Dermatology Nurse Practitioners

  • The NP will practice within the scope of practice established by the Board of Nursing.
  • The NP will adhere to the Code of Ethics for Nursing.
  • The NP will take responsibility for continued professional development to stay abreast of current dermatology trends and to ensure patients receive safe, high quality dermatological care.
  • The NP will maintain their appropriate licenses and certifications.
  • The NP will be involved in community outreach programs to educate the public and their communities about dermatology care and the prevention of skin cancer.