DNA Committees and Task Forces work under the Board of Directors to move the business of the DNA forward. Committees offer many opportunities for members to contribute to the DNA. Please consider joining a committee and help DNA prosper!

To contact a Committee Chair, please contact the DNA National office via email or contact us online so we can assist you.

Education Advisory Council

The purpose of the Education Advisory Council (EAC) is to provide oversight of all education endeavors within the DNA, and ensure compliance with ANCC educational guidelines.
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Health Policy Advocacy Scanning Committee

The purpose of HPASC is to promote awareness within the DNA regarding issues and concerns in the arena of Health Policy and Advocacy that assists DNA and its members in achieving the strategic goal of effectively advocating for members, patients, and the public.
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Membership Advocacy Council

The goal of the Membership Advisory Council is to promote the growth and retention of the membership within the DNA, broaden the voices of the membership, and advance the DNA’s mission and strategic goals.
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Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee provides a slate of officers as directed by the DNA bylaws and present the slate to the Board of Directors at the spring/summer meeting.
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Financial Oversight Committee

The purpose of the Financial Oversight Committee is to oversee the annual budget, and review the status of the Dermatology Nurses’ Associations reserve funds and their allocation classes to ensure they are within the parameters of policy.
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Program Planning Committee

The Annual Program Planning Committee is responsible for the assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of the annual educational program presented at the Annual Convention of the Dermatology Nurses’ Association.
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