In December 1986, the concept of local chapters was approved at the DNA Annual Business Meeting. Currently, there are 18 active chapters in various states and Canada. This presents an excellent opportunity for education and networking. Local chapters, with the aid of the national organization, can offer members contact hour credits through the funding of educational activities from outside sources. As a DNA member, you are automatically registered to a local chapter as a member benefit, if there is one in your area.

Chapter Advisory Committee

The Chapter Advisory Committee was formed in 1999-2000 to assist and advise regional chapter as needed. The responsibilities of the committee are:

1. To serve as a liaison between the chapters and the Board of Directors.
2. To assist in the formation of new chapters.
3. To support and advise existing chapters.
4. To mentor chapter officers.
5. To attend chapter meetings whenever possible.
6. To network with DNA members in their region.

Starting a New Chapter

If you are interested in forming a chapter in your area, contact the DNA National Office at