Application Tips

Application Tips for Awards, Grants, and Scholarships

The Dermatology Nurses’ Association (DNA) Awards/Scholarships Program provides achievement awards, grants and scholarships in various categories.  The DNA encourages you to examine the criteria and consider applying for one of these opportunities.

The DNA Awards/Scholarships Committee has developed the following tips to help you prepare and submit a quality application for a DNA award, grant, or scholarship.  The following recommendations are generalized and not specific to any given application.

  • Be as complete as possible.  Please provide all documentation requested.  Incomplete applications are difficult to score and are likely to not be chosen as the award winner.
  • As accurately as possible answer all the questions.  The more specific your answer is to the given questions, the easier the scoring process.  Always go back to the answer you have given and ask if it really answers the question on the application.  Sometimes the best answers we have read have nothing to do with the questions that were asked.
  • Proper grammar and correct spelling improves readability and counts towards the overall presentation of the application.  Proofread your application – details count!  Consider having someone else look over your application prior to submission.  Sometimes a second pair of eyes looking over the application is beneficial.
  • Neatness also counts.  Providing typed answers is always appreciated.  If the application must be handwritten, please print neatly.
  • Give details when answering the award questions.  The more details and information you give to explain your answers, the better able the judges will be in awarding you points on the application.
  • Please submit the requested information in the order the application asks for it.  It can be difficult to shuffle through applications where the information is not in order.
  • Don’t be afraid to be your own best advocate.  Make sure to mention, as appropriate, all the activities you are involved with, whether or not they are dermatology related.  Some of the awards consider your involvement in social, civic, and religious organizations as well.
  • Allow plenty of time for the application process.  The forms for these awards, grants, and scholarships are available at any time via the DNA website — By allowing the time needed for completion, you assure that you will not be rushed in the process, and will be submitting the most thorough and compelling application.

The goals of the DNA Awards/Scholarships Committee are to recognize the excellence within our organization.  We encourage you to look over the applications and strongly encourage everyone to consider applying for at least one award, scholarship, or grant.


If you have additional questions, please contact the DNA National Office at or via our Contact Us Page or call 1-800-454-4362.