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Exam Calendar and Sites

2020 Exam Dates and Deadlines

Exam Date: March 21, 2020
Location: Denver, CO (DNA annual convention)
On-time postmark deadline: 1/24/20
With $25 late fee added: 2/7/20

DNCB CBT Spring Testing
Testing period: April 1-30
On-time postmark deadline: 2/5/20
With $25 late fee added: 2/19/20

DNPCB CBT Summer Testing
Testing period: July 1-31
On-time postmark deadline: 5/6/20
With $25 late fee added: 5/20/20

DNCB CBT Fall Testing
Testing period: September 1-30
On-time postmark deadline: 7/7/20
With $25 late fee added: 7/21/20

Addresses of Permanent Exam Sites

Exams are administered by C-NET. Please visit www.cnetnurse.com for complete details, including maps and directions for permanent exam sites.

Test centers are subject to change.
The final location will be listed on your entrance permit.
For further questions regarding exam sites, contact Edie Nugent, Director of Certification: edie.n@cnetnurse.com
Contact C-NET at 1-800-463-0786 for further information.