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DNC Reactivation

To reactivate certification within two years after expiration:
If a certified nurse fails to re-certified allowing their certification to lapse, they have up to two (2) years from expiration to submit a re-certification packet requesting reactivation of certification. All requirements for reactivation/re-certification must have been met during the 3 year period prior to the date of application.

To reactivate certification more than 2 years after expiration:
Reactivation is still possible. Individuals must test.

DNC Recertification Fee

  • DNA member $175
  • Non DNA member $250

DCNP Reactivation Fee

  • DNA member $240
  • Non DNA Member $315

Application Process
The same application for re-certification applies. In addition, the applicant understands that the reactivation option for the DNC or DCNP credential can only be used once.
Download the Reactivation Application (PDF)

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