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DNC Exam Information

The dermatology nursing certification examination is based on a job analysis of dermatology nursing practice. The job analysis and the examination were developed with the assistance of the Center for Nursing Education and Testing (C-NET). The test consists of 175 multiple choice items, written within the framework of the nursing process. The examination is approximately 4 hours in length.

Objectives of the Examination

The dermatology nursing certification examination is designed to measure the nurse’s ability to:

  • Assess and monitor the status of patients with dermatologic disorders before, during, and after treatment. (30%)
  • Plan, administer (or assist others to administer), and monitor the medical, surgical, and  phototherapeutic interventions for patients with dermatologic disorders. (30%)
  • Select appropriate strategies to meet the educational, health promotion, and psycho-socio-cultural needs of dermatology patients, their significant others, and the community. (29%)
  • Coordinate care to ensure safe, efficient delivery of high-quality dermatology care, in  collaboration with other healthcare providers and community resources. (11%)

Content Areas of the Examination

By Dermatology Nursing Practice Area:

  • General Dermatology – 55%
  • Surgical Dermatology – 30%
  • Phototherapy – 15%

By Patient Problem Area:

  • Infections – 15%
  • Tumors/Malignancies – 15%
  • Dermatitis – 13%
  • Papulosquamous Disorders – 13%
  • Photosensitivity/Photodamage – 9%
  • Hypersensitivities, Vasculitis, Infestations – 7%
  • Pigmentation/Vascular Disorders – 6%
  • Hair and Nails – 5%
  • Acne and Rosacea – 5%
  • Wounds and Ulcers – 5%
  • Bullous and Immune Disorders – 4%
  • Miscellaneous – 3%

View the DNC Patient Problem List (pdf)

To obtain an application contact:

Dermatology Nurse Certification Program
c/o C-NET
35 Journal Square, Suite 901
Jersey City, NJ 07306
Phone: 800.463.0786
Fax: 201.217.9785
Cost: $200 — DNA Member, $275 — Nonmember

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