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DCNP Exam Information


The Dermatology Nurse Practitioner’s certification exam is based on a practice analysis of dermatology nurse practitioner practice. The practice analysis and the exam were developed with the assistance of the Center for Nursing Education and Testing (CNET). The test consists of approximately 175 multiple choice items, written within the Nurse Practitioner scope of practice. The examination is approximately 4 hours in length. The content areas, their corresponding percentages and objectives are as follows:

Objectives of the Examination

The Dermatology Nurse Practitioner Certification Examination is designed to measure the nurse practitioner’s ability to:

  • Assess and diagnose acute and chronic conditions that occur across the life span in dermatology. (35%)
  • Prescribe interventions, including evidence-based treatment, therapies, and procedures. (33%)
  • Teach patients, significant others, community, and colleagues about prevention and management of dermatological conditions. (24%)
  • Consult for and with peers and other health care professionals regarding specific cases. (5%)
  • Analyze research data in order to implement effective evidence-based data. (3%)

By Patient Problem Area:

  •  Neoplasms 20%
  •  Papulosquamous & Eczematous dermatoses 18%
  •  Urticarias, Erythemas, Photosensitivities & Purpuras 11%
  •  Cosmetic dermatology & Photodamage 11%
  •  Adnexal disease 8%
  •  Infections, Infestations, Bites & Stings 7%
  •  Pigmentary/Vascular disorders 7%
  •  Hair, Nails, & Mucous membranes 7%
  •  Vesiculobullous, Autoimmune, & Connective tissue diseases 6%
  •  Genodermatoses & Systemic diseases 5%

Full Patient Problem Area Breakdown List