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Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

DNA is a professional nursing organization comprised of a diverse group of individuals committed to quality care through sharing knowledge and expertise. The core purpose of the DNA is to promote excellence in dermatologic care.

Vision Statement

The vision of the DNA is to be the preeminent voice of quality dermatology health care.

Strategic Plan

Goal 1: Educational Resources

  • Increase competency and knowledge in dermatology care for NPs, RNs,  LPNs, MAs, others
  • Improve forums for dissemination and discussion of information
  • Needs assessment project
    • Education survey complete, membership and publication to be completed
  • Explore evidence-based research

Goal 2: Membership

  • Increase recruitment of new members
    • New member campaign (Get a member) currently active
  • Improve retention
    • Reaching out to non-renewing members to complete a survey. Many have moved out of dermatology.

Goal 3: Public Awareness

  • Continue advocacy efforts for equitable access to dermatology care
    • HPAC completed toolkit. Being promoted.
  • Identify and collaborate with preventive measure groups
  • Increase DNA visibility with related organizations
    • Partnered with WOCN in 2013
    • Partnering with ISNG at the 2015 World Congress
    • Developing relationship with AAD

Goal 4: Financial Planning

  • Increase non-dues revenue
    • New paid communications are being tested with IR
    • New sponsorship program released in Aug 2014
    • Partnering with Novartis in Oct. $50K
    • Revamping product theaters for 2015 (support went from 3K to 10K)

Goal 5: Organizational Infrastructure

  • Improve volunteer engagement program
    • A new call for volunteers program was put into place in 2014
  • Enhance governance process
    • Leadership training – Entire board participating in AH Leadership Forum