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Purpose and Objectives:

To work closely with the National Office and the Executive Director regarding financial issues.

Requirements and Selection:

  1. Nurse member of the DNA; DNC or DCNP preferred.
  2. Ability to phrase concisely and have good listening skills.
  3. Background in leadership and fiscal management and/or service as a member on the Board of Directors within the past 5 years preferred.
  4. Membership on the DNA Finance Committee required if candidate has not been a member of the Board of Directors within the past 5 years.
  5. Elected by the membership for a term of two years.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Supervises the direction of all financial affairs of DNA, including all financial transactions and the investment program. Recommends necessary changes in fiscal policy.
  2. Attends all Board of Directors’ meetings, Annual Convention, and other meetings as requested.
  3. Coordinates the preparation of the annual budget, convention budget, and summer meeting budget, in conjunction with the President, President-Elect, and Executive Director.
  4. Reviews monthly financial reports and long-range financial planning and approves volunteer expenses and management firm invoices. Signs all official DNA checks.
  5. Prepares a financial report with the National Office for the Board Meetings.
  6. Ensures that an annual audit is conducted by a certified CPA and communicated to the membership.
  7. Prepares and presents a report of the financial status of the association at the Board of Directors’ meetings and at the Annual Business Meeting.
  8. Ensures that expense report forms are up to date.
  9. Visits the National Office between the time of election and convention prior to beginning term of office to orient to the new position.
  10. Serves as chair of the Finance Committee.

Responsibilities of the Management Firm:

  1. Assures proper day-to-day fiscal management of the Association according to policy and under the direction of the Treasurer.
  2. Issues payment for Association expenses according to policy.
  3. Prepares and distributes financial reports as requested.
  4. Oversees, assists, and facilitates all work of independent accountants and reports to the Treasurer.
  5. Maintains all checking accounts, as directed.
  6. Works with investment manager to assure optimal cash management and reports to the Treasurer.
  7. Assures adequate insurance coverage for the Association.