Health Policy Advocacy Scanning Committee

The purpose of HPASC is to promote awareness within the DNA regarding issues and concerns in the arena of Health Policy and Advocacy that assists DNA and its members in achieving the strategic goal of effectively advocating for members, patients, and the public.

If you are interested in more information or have any questions, please contact DNA via email: or Contact Us online.

Health Policy Advocacy Scanning Council

Blake Bryant, BSN, RN, DNC; Co-Chair
Marie Spinelli LPN; Co-Chair
Karen Fairbrother, BSN, CDE, DNC
Elizabeth Fildes, LPN
Maura Flynn, MPP, RN, DNC
Marina Gettas, Dr PH, MPH, MSN c
Sandra Hurwitch, BSN, RN, DNC, NCSN
Gayle Peterson, RN-BL
Nancy Smail, RN,; BOD liaison
Christine Strand, RN