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Chapter Directory

Chapter: Arizona #046
Website: Arizona #046
President: Sherri Crespin, MSN, FNP-C
Recording/Corresponding: Mitzi Paulsen, MA
Treasurer: Jennifer Kriwer, LPN

Chapter: Big Sky Montana #037
President: Tracy Vidrich, RN (tracyv@associateddermhelena.com)
Recording Secretary: Kara Addison, APRN, FNP-C, DCNP
Treasurer: Karen Fairbrother, RN

Chapter:  Canadian East/Central #034
President: Lynne Vear, RN (lynne.vear@astellas.com)
President Elect: Lori Baldwin, RPN, CCPE
Recording/Corresponding: Michelle Lee, RN, BSCN
Treasurer: Sandra Walsh, RN, BSCN, DNC

Chapter:  Canadian Western #035
Website: Canadian Western #035
President: Chantel Malcolm (rcmalcolm@shaw.ca)
Recording: Ainsley Kullman, RN
Treasurer: Donna Balanecki, RN / Jennifer Howe, BA, RN, BSN

Chapter: Central Florida #022
Website: Central Florida #022
President: Judith Diaz, LPN (jmdiaz0611@gmail.com)
Recording/Secretary: Rachel Foss, LPN
Corresponding/Past President: Alicia Nunez, LPN

Chapter: Delaware Valley #026
President: Bonita Weyrauch, RN, CWS, CCT (weyrauchbonita@yahoo.com)
Corresponding: Joan Johnson, RN, CCRN, DNC

Chapter: East Tennessee #030
President: Carmela S. Peterson, BSN, RN, DNC (petex3.cp@gmail.com)
President Elect: Cindy Cloud, NP
Treasurer: Melissa Hickerson, LPN

Chapter: Kansas City Metro #047
President: Joan Brandsgaard (jkbrandsgaard@gmail.com)
President Elect: Val Edwards, NP-C
Recording: Rebecca Crain
Treasurer: Shelley Wrisinger

Chapter: Minnesota/Western Wisconsin #013
President: Christine Strand, RN (christinesrn@gmail.com)
Treasurer: Donna Beyer, MSN, RN, DNC

Chapter: New England NPs #201
Website: New England NPs #201
President: Kelly Noska, ANP-BC (kellynoska@gmail.com)

Chapter: North Carolina #017
Website: North Carolina #017
President: Joanie Jones, RN, DNC (joanie.jones@eartlink.net)
President Elect: Julie McCarty
Immediate Past President: Robin Inabinet, RN, BC
Recording/Correspondence: Linda Moore
Treasurer: Judy Daley, RN, BSN

Chapter: NW Oregon #009
Website: NW Oregon #009
President: Vinnie Jaramillo, MA (jaramilv@ohsu.edu)
Immediate Past President: Kelley Jimenez, BSN, RN, DNC
Recording: Jamie Harvey, MA
Corresponding: Jen Zielinski, RN
Treasurer: Dave Schlichting, LPN
Board Member: Heather Onoday, FNP

Chapter: Ohio #001
President: Sarah Neider (sarah.neider@yahoo.com)

Chapter: Rochester #023
President: Susan Neal, RN, CNOR, RNFA (nealsusan@ymail.com)
President Elect: Ingrid Meyris, LPN
Treasurer: Melanie Isaacson, MA

Chapter: San Francisco/N. California #004
Website: San Francisco/N. California #004
President: Melissa Cooper, BSN, RN, CWOCN, DNC (melissapcooper@comcast.net)
President Elect: Tanya Miranda, RN, BSN
Secretary: Bobby Ruiz, RN, BSN, DNC
Treasurer: Debbie Behymer, RN, BSN, DNC
Correspondence Liaison: Maribel Amodo, RN, MSN, DNC

Chapter: Tennessee #019
President: Cynthia Johnson, LPN (jimcindy1@gmail.com)

Chapter: Texas Gulf Coast #029
President: Cecilia Ardila, BS, LVN

Chapter: Tri-State (NJ,PA,MD)
President: TBA

Chapter: Wisconsin #015
Website: Wisconsin #015
President: Sue Hopkins, BSN, RN, BC, (shopkins@uwhealth.org)
Recording: Connie Hacker, BSN, RN
Treasurer: Nancy Tschoeke, BSN, RN, BC

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