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2021 Annual Convention

DNA’s 39th Annual Convention

Las Vegas, NV – February 10-13, 2021

The 2021 DNA convention will focus on six main categories:
• Research: reporting new technology; medications or treatment methods; evidence-informed practice
• Education: patient and health care providers’ education, health promotion strategies; prevention; advocacy; holistic care; mental health/psychological aspects
• Community Initiatives: innovative delivery of care models, interdisciplinary clinics, team building in the community, environment; impact on population; capacity building
• International Collaboration and Processes: practice initiatives and partnerships; knowledge exchange; building networks
• Culture and Diversity: approaches to health; attitudes/beliefs/values on skin care; awareness and safety
• Health Policy and Advocacy: development (local and national levels); health promotion; political action

The objective of the Convention is to provide the opportunity to explore ways in which we all can share knowledge, and excel in our care for clients.