Tanning Transparency & Notification Act of 2012

Tanning Transparency & Notification Act of 2012

Posted on Friday May, 11th 2012 at 12:05 pm

New Tanning Legislation Introduced

On April 19th of this year, a new Bill was introduced by Sen. John “Jack” Reed [D-RI] and cosponsored by Sen. John “Johnny” Isakson [R-GA].

S. 2301: Tanning Transparency and Notification Act of 2012
112th Congress, 2011–2012

A bill to help prevent the occurrence of cancer resulting from the use of ultraviolet tanning lamps by providing sufficient information to consumers regarding the health risks associated with the use of such devices.

This Bill asks for the FDA to put into effect the new labeling requirements that they found could more effectively convey the risks of tanning beds to the user, this testing was done in 2008.

With the current labeling requirements the warning looks something like this:

A revised label could look like this:

Senator Reed is not new to advocating for tanning bed legislation. He and Senator Isakson introduced a similar Bill in 2006, that may have lead to the FDA consumer testing in 2007 and subsequent findings that a more clear warning label could have an impact on warning tanning bed users of the danger.

HPAC Co-chair Maura Flynn contacted Senator Reed’s office and will be speaking with his Legislative Assistant next week to define how we can best support this Bill.

More to follow…