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Reactivation Option

A one-time option to reactivate the DNC credential without testing is available to RNs with expired certification.

  1. To reactivate certification within two years after expiration, the applicant must:
    • Submit the reactivation packet up to two years after expiration of certification.
    • Meet all requirements for reactivation/recertification during the three-year period prior to the date of submission of reactivation application.
  2. To reactivate certification more than two years after expiration, the applicant must retest. An application and appropriate fees must be submitted prior to the filing deadline listed on the form. Candidates who sit for the exam will be notified upon receipt of their scores.
  3. The reactivation fees are as follows:
    • DNA member - $200.00
    • Non-DNA member - $275.00
  4. The reactivation option may be used only once by an RN with an expired DNC credential.
  5. It is the candidate's responsibility to notify the DNCB office of any changes in their name and/or address during the period since certification/recertification. Notifications for changes on other mailing lists of the association will not affect a change in the certification/recertification record.
  6. All applications for reactivation will be audited by the Committee on Certification Renewal.

Download the Reactivation Application (PDF)