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Recertification Procedure

Each certification granted by the Dermatology Nurse Certification Board (DNCB) is valid for a three-year period. Expiration of certification shall occur uniformly on December 31. Candidates for recertification must meet eligibility requirements for certification:

  1. Hold a current and unrestricted license as a registered nurse in the US, Canada, or a country approved by C-NET;
  2. Hold a current NP license or state recognition of NP status (if outside the US, approved license by local state, province or country);
  3. Have a minimum of three years experience as a nurse practitioner in dermatology;
  4. Maintain national certification as a nurse practitioner.

Recertification candidates must also pay recertification fees, and must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Successful completion of the certification examination prior to the certification expiration, OR
  • Submission of completed application for recertification through continuing education prior to certification expiration.
  • Recertification Application (pdf)
  • Recertification Application (Word)


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Examination Option

If the examination option is selected, the candidate may test either one year in advance of the expiration of current certification or the year in which the certification expires. A test enrollment form and fees must be submitted prior to the filing deadline listed on the form.

Continuing Education Option

If the continuing education option is selected, the candidate must submit the recertification application and fee by December 31 of the three-year period.

DCNP recertification by continuing education is obtained by accumulating 60 contact hours with a minimum of 40 contact hours in dermatology during the three-year DCNP certification period. Contact hours do not have to be accumulated in all categories. DCNPs are required to maintain verification of attendance, which will need to be submitted if audited. Any combination of the following activities is acceptable.

The following is a brief description of the continuing education activities approved for recertification by continuing education:

Category A: Dermatology Nurse Practitioner Programs

  • (minimum of 40 contact hours required per three-year period)
  • This group encompasses dermatology programs offering approved contact hours for continuing education credit for nurse practitioners. These programs must be specific to dermatology nurse practitioner practice and may include workshops, conventions, seminars, and independent study activities. They must be in dermatology and subject pertaining to patient care, treatment or procedures.
  • The program must define each contact hour as 60 minutes of content presented. (Maximum of 20 hours of Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit can be used for Category A. The remainder must be as nursing contact hours.

Category B: Academic Credit Courses

  • This group encompasses programs that address the broad area of health care and nursing/nurse practitioner related courses offered by an accredited educational institution. The course must be applicable to dermatology nurse practitioner practice.
  • Unpublished Master’s thesis equals 10 contact hours.
  • Unpublished doctoral dissertation equals 15 contact hours.
  • One semester unit credit equals 15 contact hours.
  • One quarter unit equals 10 contact hours.

Category C: Professional Publications

  • This group encompasses the publication of content relevant to the dermatology nurse practitioner. The content must be published in a recognized professional journal or newsletter or a recognized publishing house. The format shall be an article, book, book chapter, or research paper.
  • Authorship or co-authorship of a book equals 15 contact hours.
  • A book chapter, article, or research paper equals 5 contact hours, maximum of 20 per recertification period.
  • Editors, assistant editors, and manuscript reviewers: 1 manuscript = 1contact hour; 2 manuscripts = 3 contact hours; and 3 or more manuscripts = 5 contact hour maximum.
  • Research proposal submitted to a federal agency/foundation or industry=15 contact hours.
  • Research abstracts equals 2 contact hours, maximum of 6 per recertification period.
  • A copy of the publication must be submitted as part of the application for recertification.

Category D: Dermatology Presentations

  • This group encompasses participation as a presenter of a dermatology program. The presentation may be delivered to professional nurses, other health care professionals, or lay people.
  • Contact hours will only be awarded for the initial presentation of any program.
  • A 60-minute presentation will equal 1 contact hour, maximum of 5 per recertification period.

Category E: General Nursing and Other Health Care Discipline Programs

  • This group encompasses programs that address a broad area of health care, medical (CME credits), general nursing and continuing education activities planned to meet the individual’s potential for professional growth. A copy of the certificate that details the contact hours awarded or a letter verifying attendance must be submitted as documentation of attendance if audited. Maximum of 20 contact hours per recertification period.

Failure to meet Requirements

Should a candidate fail to meet the minimum requirements for recertification, the written examination must be taken. A passing score must be attained to be recertified. If the candidate does not attain a passing score, the certification process must start anew with fee schedules as stated in the certification policy.

Candidates not accomplishing recertification at the end of the certification three-year period will have the designation “DCNP” dropped from all records. Continued use of DCNP is inappropriate and at variance with Board policies on recertification.

Application Process

Certification renewal notices will be emailed to all applicants approximately six months prior to the expiration date. The application deadline for those selecting the examination option is printed on the test enrollment form. Processing of applications received after the deadline for the test examination cannot be guaranteed. The application deadline for those selecting the continuing education option is December 31 of the current valid certificate. Late applications will be processed in order of receipt; however, issuance of the notice of recertification may be delayed beyond the expiration date of the currently valid certificate. It is the applicant’s professional responsibility to maintain certification by monitoring dates and submitting the application for recertification by the stipulated deadlines.

Notice of Recertification

Candidates who submit the continuing education recertification application and meet all of the requirements will receive notification of their recertification within two weeks of the expiration date of their current certification. Applicants for renewal by continuing education who are denied renewal will be sent a letter of notification. The applicant will be informed of the option of the appeals process.

Candidates who sit for the exam will be notified upon receipt of their scores. Candidates who meet all the requirements will receive notification of their recertification within two weeks of the expiration date of their current certification.


A wallet-size card indicating the certified status, identification number, and expiration date will be sent along with a wall-size certificate approximately ninety days from the expiration date of the current certificate or after recertification package is received.

Change of Name/Address

It is the candidate’s responsibility to notify the DNCB office of any changes in their name and/or address during the three-year period since certification/recertification. Notifications for changes on other mailing lists of the association will not affect a change in the certification/recertification records.