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DNA Building a Grassroots Network for Advocacy

The Health Policy and Advocacy Committee is building a grassroots network of DNA members from across the country. We invite you to join us as we prepare to take action on bills and other policy matters that come before the legislature.

What is the purpose? Members of Congress will often accept correspondence or phone calls only from their own constituents. Even if they do accept them from others, the members’ constituents’ opinions receive greater consideration. For this reason, it is important that DNA be represented in every state. In addition to federal legislation, many issues important to dermatology nurses come under state jurisdictions. For instance, indoor tanning legislation is enacted on a state by state basis. Our goal is to recruit DNA members from every state who can help us get our message out and effect legislative action.

Join the DNA Legislative Response Team - this team is comprised of DNA members who agree to contact their legislators by email, in writing, or by telephone when there is a matter before the legislature affecting dermatology nursing or health care. When you join the LRT you will receive education and support on how to communicate with your legislator and other important materials.

Join the DNA Legislative Testimony Team – Do you possess an expertise or competency in a particular subject area? Are you willing to share that knowledge and expertise with the Health Policy and Advocacy Committee? And … would you be willing to help prepare written testimony and/or submit verbal testimony during selected legislative hearings? Consider joining the DNA Legislative Testimony Team. As a member of the LTT you will receive guidance and you will work with others in drafting testimony. Training for oral testimony presentations will also be provided as needed.

To sign up or for further information contact the DNA.