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Basic Tips to Effect Change gives DNA members the tools to successfully lobby for the greater good of dermatology. Tips include how to write a letters that prompt change and who to contact.

Town hall meetings are a great forum to call upon elected officials to take action on issues you care about. Here are some tips if you attend a meeting:
1. Be prepared and concise with your specific question.
2. Clearly identify yourself and your affiliation with DNA.
3. Ask for a response to your question. Do not to embarrass the member of Congress if they cannot answer, but do engage him/her and be reasonable.
4. Depending on the setting and the number of people attending, make an effort to say hello and introduce yourself
to the member and their staff before or after the meeting.
5. Follow-up. Send an email to the member and reiterate the issue you discussed.
6. Copy DNA on your message (

Good luck! Your voice matters!

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