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As the DNA and other medical professionals and societies continue to advocate for indoor tanning bans, alternate views from the tanning and salon industries can be expected more and more, as this article shows.

A new association...

The Dermatology Nurse’s Association (DNA) supports the recommendation that the FDA include Alopecia Areata (AA) as a priority for research in the patient-focused drug development initiative being conducted as part of the fifth authorization of...

We have the opportunity to help the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in preventing skin cancer through the reduction of UV exposure!

Teens under age 17 in New York will be banned from indoor tanning under a new law intended to protect children from ultraviolet radiation and a higher risk of skin cancer.

“At what point do we become too controlling of our children?” That was the question posed to the proponents of Montana House Bill 456, which was brought before committee on February 22, 2013.

Tanning beds in Chicago salons soon will be off-limits to people younger than 18.

Vermont became the second state to pass a law prohibiting tanning bed use for minors!

Debra Silberstein, Chicago’s 50th Ward Alderman, introduced an ordinance to restrict tanning facility use to adults at the May 9th City Council Meeting. The ordinance would prohibit tanning facilities in the city limits from allowing minors to...

On April 19th of this year, a new Bill was introduced by Sen. John “Jack” Reed [D-RI] and cosponsored by Sen. John “Johnny” Isakson [R-GA].

Update on Federal Tanning Legislation according to