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Melanoma Monday

Wear Orange for Skin Cancer Awareness on Melanoma Monday

Join DNA in supporting skin cancer awareness on Melanoma Monday – May 6, 2013. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S. Although it is preventable and highly treatable when caught early, skin cancer remains deadly. In fact, one American dies form melanoma almost every hour.

The American Academy of Dermatology wants to paint the nation orange and help others spot and prevent skin cancer. Staff at DNA headquarters will wear orange on Melanoma Monday and raise money by paying a donation to wear jeans. Want to get involved? Paint your office orange by encouraging staff to pay a nominal fee to wear jeans on Monday, May 6. Not sure where you want to donate the money to? Here are some great suggestions:

1. Children's Melanoma Prevention Foundation 
The Children's Melanoma Prevention Foundation is a non-profit educational foundation established in 2003 to deliver a comprehensive sun safety and melanoma awareness program, free of charge, to school children in MA. The Children's Melanoma Prevention Foundation was created to aggressively focus attention on the need to teach "prevention" or "sun protection" to children, and their caregivers.

2. SunAWARE 
The SunAWARE acronym was created after an exhaustive review of educational material produced by the major organizations and foundations specializing in skin cancer prevention. And, it was edited by Craig Sinclair who originated the very successful “Skip Slop Slap” sun protection campaign in Australia. It should also be noted that SunAWARE is endorsed by several leading not-for-profit organizations in the skin cancer community including the Children’s Melanoma Foundation and the Melanoma International Foundation.

Check out resources from AAD to learn more about how you can promote skin cancer awareness: Be sure to visit DNA's Facebook and Twitter pages and show everyone how you are recognizing Melanoma Monday. DNA would love to see your photos and read your messages.