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Legislative Updates for Chapters

The DNA, in partnership with corporate supporter Janssen Biotech, Inc., now has a “Healthcare Reform Update” program available for use by DNA chapters planning live conferences. The purpose of this one hour non-CE presentation is to provide an update regarding Health Care Reform. Its intent is to provide an overview of the recently passed legislation and highlight some of the selected provisions that are included in the law.

Many areas of the statute are ambiguous or will need implementing regulations, and is it not the goal of this presentation to guess the future. Rather, we hope to provide a foundational knowledge of what is generally contained in this new law, as it currently stands.

DNA has provided Janssen with a list of all Chapter Presidents. You may be contacted by one of the Health Policy Advocacy Directors at Janssen to schedule a program. Janssen will be responsible for all speaker related expenses. The Chapter will be responsible for identifying the location, marketing / managing the event and all expenses associated with the event.

To assist with your planning, DNA will provide qualifying chapters with a financial stipend (up to $500) made possible with the support of Janssen. For chapters to qualify, they must submit a complete program budget indicating all revenue and expenses associated with the event, to the DNA National Office at least 30 days prior to the date of the event. Funds are limited, and so they will be provided on a first come–first served basis and while the funds are available. Funds must be requested and used in 2012.

If you have any questions about the program or how to request one for your chapter, please notify Julianna King Williams, Director of Membership & Administrative Services at 1-800-454-4362 or