The Dermatology Nurses' Association
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Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

DNA is a professional nursing organization comprised of a diverse group of individuals committed to quality care through sharing knowledge and expertise. The core purpose of the DNA is to promote excellence in dermatologic care".

Vision Statement

The vision of the DNA is to be the preeminent voice of quality dermatology health care.

Strategic Plan

The following is a message from DNA Executive Director Victoria Elliott, R.Ph., MBA, CAE. This short video, first previewed at the DNA 27th Annual Convention, March 5, 2009, provides an overview of the 2009-2011 DNA Strategic Plan, Pathways to Excellence.

Goal 1: Development and Funding

Formalize and expand the ongoing development (fundraising) program to increase funding and support opportunities.

  • Increase overall funding by 5% in 2009, 10% in 2010 and 12% in 2011 over 2008 support income through:
    • New industry or allied association partners
    • New exhibitors and
    • Establishing new funding opportunities to include educational or other member benefit or service.
  • Establish a standing Development Committee to create and oversee development policies and establish a work plan for coordinated solicitation of funds.

Goal 2: Governance and Organizational Effectiveness

Ensure DNA is effectively structured to meet the needs of the association, the needs of the members, and to achieve the mission.

  • Assess committee descriptions to determine current relevance to the strategic plan.
  • Development and implement a volunteer management program.
  • Assess chapter success and value to members.
  • Develop criteria for continued chapter affiliation with the DNA.

Goal 3: Education

Increase the competency of nurses caring for dermatology patients.

  • Conduct an annual educational needs assessment.
  • Increase the number of certified nurses and nurse practitioners in each year of the strategic plan.
  • Establish an Education Advisory Council to:
  • Oversee the Approver and Provider Units.
  • Identifying “regional” education needs.
  • Identify content for and develop a knowledge center on the DNA web site.
  • Create a communication plan to promote the availability of DNA’s new educational resources.

Goal 4: Membership

Attract and recruit new members and retain current members to achieve 18% net growth in membership by 2011.

  • Retention: Improve the member retention rate through exit interviews, personal outreach to assure we have met members’ needs and have all their current contact information correctly on file.
  • Recruitment: Add at least 650 new members over the next three years through outreach to former members, dermatology practices, electronic student memberships and joint efforts with other nursing.

View the DNA Membership Brochure.

Goal 5: Advocacy and Influence

Determine most effective method to advocate for members and their patients that is in line with DNA resources and mission.

  • Gain a better understanding among leadership and members at large about the value and potential scope of a government relations program in order to determine a feasible option for DNA.
  • Prioritize relevant issues and develop key position statements on those issues