The Dermatology Nurses' Association
Nurses serving nurses for more than 30 years!

Purpose and Objectives

Provide a slate of officers as directed by the DNA bylaws and present the slate to the Board of Directors at the spring/summer meeting.

Requirements and Selection

A. DNC or DCNP preferred.

B. Minimum of 2 years active involvement in DNA prior to nomination as a participant in dermatology nursing related activities on a national/local level. Active membership is defined as: Demonstrates active participation in DNA sponsored chapter/national activities including:

  1. Elected leadership role in DNA local Chapter or National office and/or
  2. Participation in DNA sponsored Special Committees and Task Forces (AAD Liaisons, ANSI, ARHP, Awards, CEU Approver, DNA Journal, DNA Focus, Internet, Legislative, NIAMS, NOLF, Patient Education, Resource Center, Camps, Psoriasis, Youth Education, Melanoma, etc.)
  3. Contributes to DNA educational endeavors:

Serve as faculty for DNA sponsored pre-convention core workshops and/or serve as speaker at national convention.

  1. Attendance at national convention for previous 2 years.

C. Committee Chair shall be an active member of DNA who has served two years on the committee, having been appointed in their second year to Chair-Elect. The Chair-Elect shall be recommended by the outgoing committee chair to the Board of Directors for final appointment.

D. Elected by general membership for 2 years. The member appointed as Chair-Elect will serve a 3rd year..

E. The Chairperson serves a one year appointment following their 2 year term.

Duties and Responsibilities

A. The Chair of the Nominating Committee is responsible for the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Serve as liaison between Nominating Committee, Board of Directors, and National Office.
  2. Direct correspondence between National Office and candidate.
  3. Coordinate the review of candidates' credentials as provided by the bylaws, willingness to serve form, and candidate assessment tool.
  4. Prepare and present, via the Nominating Committee Board Liaison, a final slate of candidates for the spring Board meeting.
  5. Preside at committee meeting held during the Annual Convention.
  6. Conduct an orientation of incoming Nominating Committee Chair and Members. This orientation should be held during the Annual Convention.

B. All members of the Nominating Committee are responsible for the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Preferable to attend National Convention as newly elected member, active member, and outgoing member to network and recruit potential nominees. The DNA membership booth can be utilized for this purpose.
  2. Advise candidates on role descriptions of the office they seek prior to their commitment to serve.
  3. Evaluate and select candidates objectively through the use of the willingness to serve form and the candidate assessment tool.
  4. Review all related Nominating Committee policies and procedures annually and propose any changes to the Board of Directors.