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Heather Onoday

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Nancy Brown

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Theresa Coyner
Jordyn Foy
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Heather M. Onoday, BSN, MN, FNP-C
Portland, Oregon

The Dermatology Nurses’ Association stands at one of its most exciting moments in all of its 30 years of existence.  Presently, the organization’s educational, political, and leadership endeavors are an exemplary demonstration of what professional organizations should seek to achieve. To set goals for the role of president-elect would be simple for me: support the DNA members in these endeavors.  To be more specific, the members are the reason the DNA is such an exceptional example for similar organizations:

  • our members are innovative, creative and progressive
  • our members seek education of the highest standard
  • our members seek self improvement and career development
  • our members, most importantly, are willing to work hard to achieve their goals, not only for themselves, but in support of the DNA

That for which I strive on behalf of the DNA, obviously must align with the members’ goals. I seek to prioritize the need for cohesiveness within our group, with an ability to see the need for each member’s individual goals and accomplishments, paralleling the organization’s own climb to success.  We are a diverse group, comprised of members whose individual needs vary, but whose individual needs must be met by the DNA. I intend to focus all my energy on ensuring each member’s goals are met.

Lastly, I desire to create an upheaval in volunteerism. The DNA has been the finest example of an atmosphere of giving time in order to create change. More than ever, we need to demonstrate the greatest commitment toward giving time and knowledge to strengthen our organization and continue to show all professional organizations “the way it should be done”-through volunteering.  Everyone has something beneficial to contribute. We need everyone to allocate to the DNA, even the smallest amount of their time and their experience; strengthening themselves, as well as the DNA. I personally have found that when you give to the DNA, you get endless gain in return.

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TREASURER, 2013-2015
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Nancy Brown, RN, FNP-C, DCNP
Casper, Wyoming

I have been a member of DNA since employment in a Dermatology Clinic in 1998. So much of my knowledge in dermatology has been provided by our national organization.

Currently, I am acting in the treasurer position, fulfilling the role of DeDe Sullivan. In this short time of involvement on the Board, I have learned so much regarding what the national leaders are required to do and all the time volunteered to keep the organization running.

My goal, if elected, would be to continue to keep the organization financially stable, but yet meet the needs of all members of the organization.

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Donna Beyer, MSN, RN, DNC
Oronoco, Minnesota

I have worked in dermatology for over 30 years. I worked in the impatient arena for about 20 years, applying creams under wet dressings and doing Goeckerman therapy. About ten years ago, I made the transition to clinical dermatology where I work assisting physicians with biopsies, dressing applications and patient education. I also do patch testing and triage in my role.

I have been a member of Dermatology Nurses Association for over 15 years. I have served the local chapter as president, secretary and am currently the treasurer. At the National level, I have been a member of the Nominating Committee twice, most recently from 2009-2012, serving as the Chair in 2011-2012. I am a member of the Education Advisory Council, serving as Chair from its inception in 2009 to 2012. I have served on several task forces and am the Planning Chair for the 2013 convention.

I would like to continue my involvement in DNA as a director on the Board. I feel the knowledge I have gained in my many years of dermatology nursing and as a member of DNA committees will help me in the role of director. I would like to help the Dermatology Nurses Association become a well recognized authority on dermatology nursing care.

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Theresa Coyner, MSN, ANP, DNC
Williamsport, Indiana

I have had numerous nursing positions including critical care, primary care, and education. I decided approximately 13 years ago to make the switch to dermatology. Initially for the first few months I felt it was a horrible decision. My graduate program was woefully inadequate in preparing me for the foray in dermatology. I was truly a novice despite several years of experience as a nurse practitioner. I attended my first DNA conference at the summer meeting in Chicago. Prior conferences, I had been attending the AAD with my sponsoring physician. After attending that first summer meeting – I have never attended another AAD conference!

I decided that I wanted to become more active in DNA and volunteered to be a moderator at convention. Then I joined the Recognition Committee which was an excellent committee on which to start getting involved. I also joined the Education Advisory Council. This committee involves time commitment with the monthly teleconferences but I have found it to be a rewarding experience. I could hardly wait to attend the convention in Denver so I could put faces with the voices!

When I attend DNA conferences I return to work revitalized. I am urged to become more active in scholarly activities such as research and publication. I decided this year to submit a poster at convention and although it required research and writing it was a fantastic experience.

I have decided to be a nominee for the Nominating Committee. I look forward to the challenge of serving on this committee. The DNA is in a state of evolution and growth. We need visionary leaders that are willing to serve and commit to the organization. I will do my utmost best in helping to prepare a slate of officers that can meet this challenge.

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Jordyn Foy, RPN
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Hello, my name is Jordyn Foy and I am a Registered Practical Nurse working in Contact Dermatology and Infectious Diseases. I have been a member of the DNA for 2 years now and I feel incredibly fortunate to have such a resource available to me. Since joining I have felt motivated and inspired by all the health care professionals I have met along the way. This has led me to co-present on two informational posters for the past two years and network with other Dermatology nurses who attend the conferences. The information I have learned from attending DNA has helped me become a driving force for patient education in the clinics I work in. I have co-presented at the Canadian DNA conference in Toronto, Canada and have presented locally at hospital in-services and our annual Ambulatory care day.

The DNA has been a catalyst for my professional life and that is why I am applying for a position o the Nominating Committee. I feel I can be a valuable member and would like to become involved in DNA as a volunteer.

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Robin Inabinet, RN
Clemmons, North Carolina

In order for the Dermatology Nurse’s Association (DNA) to continue to promote excellence in dermatology care and continue grow; I feel it is very important to carefully select leaders who possess a willingness and desire to volunteer and to share their professional expertise and skills with the organization. With the DNA’s strong leadership we can continue to have educational and technical information provided that we need to stay informed and competitive through national conferences, state conferences, workshops and the publications.

Throughout my many years of membership in the Dermatology Nurse’s Association, I have been able to take advantage of working with a diverse group of individuals both national and local who are committed to quality care through sharing knowledge and expertise. I have found the Dermatology Nurse’s Association to set standards high within the organization and provide support and encouragement as needed in order for me to advance my knowledge.

Because I was able to attend the DNA re-engineering summit, worked on the finance committee, chapter advisory committee chair and participated in my local chapter and have a strong desire to keep strong leadership in place, I feel that I can make important and valuable contributions if elected to this position.

Although I will be new to this committee, with the support and encouragement of other experienced committee members my experience will not be only worthwhile and gratifying but also fun!

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Connie Olivier, RN, DNC
Plymouth, Minnesota

It would be both a privilege and honor to serve on the Nominating Committee. This would give me the opportunity to understand and participate in the DNA at a deeper level.

My experience with the DNA started about eight years ago when I went to my first DNA Conference held in Las Vegas with a co-worker. We were both in awe at the learning opportunities that were before us. We did not miss a minute of the conference and looked forward to the next year before we had even finished the current conference!

The next year brought us to our local Chapter 013 and the brunch that was offered. We both enjoyed getting to know our fellow Dermatology nurses from around the area. Many conversations ensued regarding the differences and the sameness in each of our clinics and hospital settings. I am currently the vice president of this chapter. Our chapter is currently looking at ways to rejuvenate and define what we are and what we can do as a chapter to entice more interest at the local level. We started on this idea last year by bringing the phototherapy class to Minneapolis. We had five members in the chapter that put many hours into research as to whether we could support this class before it got the approval. It turned out to be a huge success with about 75 participants.

My experience as a Nursing Supervisor hopefully would give me the requirements to help in the duties nd responsibilities that the Nominating Committee is looking for. My commitment to the Dermatology education and knowledge is not only on a professional level but a personal level as well. My husband was diagnosed with Melanoma a few years ago.

Thank you for your consideration of my intent to serve as an officer for the DNA for the years 2013 & 2014.

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