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Shop through DNA AchieveLinks and earn rewards!

Even if you’ve left your shopping to the last minute, you’ll find hot deals from this month’s featured Merchant Partners and as always earn Links Reward Points to reward yourself in the New Year!

Want to use the DNA AchieveLinks program but not sure how it works? Here are the top 5 FAQ’s that members ask most about effectively using the program:

  1. How does the AchieveLinks program work? The program is an online purchasing program. There are over 1000 merchants in the program and it’s free to join. As you make purchases for business and pleasure, you will earn Links points. You can take those points and redeem them for a variety of items.
  2. What kind of items can I redeem with my points? The DNA AchieveLinks program offers a variety of rewards; from cameras to barbeque equipment, concert tickets to NFL football tickets. You could even take a trip to a far-off destination!
  3. Is this a credit card program? No. You do not have to apply for a new credit card to use DNA’s AchieveLinks program. You can use any card in your wallet!
  4. What is the toolbar and how can it help me? The purpose of the toolbar is to remind you of which merchants participate in the program without visiting the AchieveLinks website. Simply install the toolbar and every time you visit a merchant that participates in DNA’s AchieveLinks program, you will be reminded to earn your Links points!
  5. Will I lose out on other rewards programs that I participate in by using AchieveLinks? No. In fact, you can double, sometimes even triple dip on earning rewards for just one purchase. For example, let’s pretend a DNA member reserves a room using and he/she belongs to the rewards program:
  • Step One: Member visits AchieveLinks and clicks on SHOP NOW to be taken to the website (Note: this step can be eliminated if the toolbar is downloaded)
  • Step Two: Member logs in at site with the existing user name and password
  • Step Three: Member makes a purchase and earns 3 times!
  1. Member earns Links points from AchieveLinks
  2. Member earns credit from loyalty program (if applicable)
  3. Member earns points from credit card used (if applicable)

It’s that easy! Sign up today by visiting and clicking on “SIGN HERE TO JOIN”!