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Registration is open for DNA’s webinars, covering topics of interest to you as a dermatology professional.

For the past several months, we have been providing you with updates about DNA’s re-engineering summit, held in late March to review and evaluate our current organizational model. The Board met on July 14-15, 2012 and emerged with a new plan of action to carry DNA into the future.

DNA Nurse Practitioner Member Erika Kimble's book, Malcolm Finney, Medical Detective: The Case of Itch and Rash, launches on August 25, 2012.

Registration for the Virtual Psoriasis Symposium is open!

In the most recent issue of Johnson & Johnson's NursingNotes, dermatology nurses and their ability to make patients "SunAWARE" are featured.

Mayo Clinic researchers have trained mouse immune systems to eradicate skin cancer from within, using a genetic combination of human DNA from melanoma cells and a cousin of the rabies virus. The strategy, called cancer immunotherapy, uses a genetically engineered version of the vesicular stomatitis virus to deliver a broad spectrum of genes derived from melanoma cancer cells directly into tumors.

DNA's own Board Director, Heather M. Jones, BSN, MN, FNP-C, was recently interviewed on a news segment about "What your looks say about your health." The story was picked up on and by Fox National News.

The more you use a tanning bed, the higher your risk of deadly skin cancers, according to research presented at an international cancer conference this week.