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DNA Webinar Series

DNA Webinar Series

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Webinar Title Presenter(s) Description
Treating More Than the Skin: The Whole Patient Tena Brown & Karen Fairbrother, BSN CDE DNC Karrie Fairbrother and Tena Brown give an extraordinary presentation on understanding the emotional and psychological aspects faced by patients who suffer with chronic skin disorders. Learn how to see things form the patient’s point of view and how your interaction with the patient can make a huge difference in the management of their disease.
Skin Cancer: A Growing Health Problem for Children Maryellen Maquire-Eisen, RN, MSN Skin cancer is an important health problem for children for two reasons. First, overexposure to ultraviolet radiation (UVR) during childhood is a major risk factor for skin cancer in adulthood. Second, melanoma, the deadly form of skin cancer, is on the rise among American children. This presentation will address statistics of skin cancer in childhood, risk factors, UVR overexposure in childhood, skin cancer prevention campaigns targeting children, and the role of the dermatology nurse.
Melanoma: 2013 and Beyond Krista Rubin, RN, MS, FNP-BC Evaluate the current statistics and trends of cutaneous melanoma , highlighting the nuances of current AJCC staging system for melanoma. Compare current standards of care for early and advanced melanoma with novel and investigational approaches currently being explored in advanced melanoma. Describe the unique toxicity profile of these agents and the nursing management strategies.
Advances in OTC Skincare Firas Hougeir, MD An overview of the structure and function of the stratum corneum, the role a compromised skin barrier plays in skin disease and treatment issues, the new FDA sunscreen label requirements, and a review of clinical data supporting the benefits of over-the-counter skincare products containing advanced technologies in the treatment regimens of eczema and acne patients.
Emergency Rashes: A Top Ten List Hilary Fairbrother, MD MPH & Kirsten Malone, RN PNP MPH This lecture will help prepare you to recognize skin manifestations that are potentially dangerous to our patients. Some rashes are indicative of serious systemic disease, and the patient may require hospital admission and acute care. Due to the fact that the chief complaint is a rash, these patients may not present to the ED, they may come to a dermatologist’s office. It is critical that these patients be recognized quickly and accurately, and sent to an emergency department for a higher level of care. This lecture will go over the most common rash emergencies and also give a differential diagnosis for each rash.
Dressing Difficult Wounds Cindy Scheiner RN, CWON Discuss dressing options for management of ulcerative/bullous wounds with limited body surface area. Apply Advanced Wound Care products to manage difficult wound.
The "Other Immunologics" in Dermatology John Randall, RPh, MD Immunologics and anti-inflammatory medications used to treat psoriasis and other conditions such as pemphigus.

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